NEN 4400-1/SNA-keurmerk

NEN 4400-1

X-EQUO has been in compliance with the NEN 4400-1 standard since 2009, which describes what is required of her to show that she is complying with its ‘ labour obligations ‘. It concerns things like the proper determination and transfer of wage tax, turnover tax and social insurance premiums. Besides this, we also ensure that wage payments are not contrary to the minimum wage and minimum holiday bonus, and also the way in which identity checks and controls on the work floor can be done in the Netherlands, in order to prevent illegality. This is what we strive for. So you can designate X-EQUO as a ‘ bonafide ‘ organisation.

The NEN 4400-1 standard also prescribes that accredited inspection bodies carry out checks at least twice a year to ensure that the required requirements are met. If the result of the inspection is positive, X-EQUO will remain registered in the register of the Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA).


The SNA, a reliable and independent label, ensures that the inspection schedule for ‘bonafide’ employment agencies, as set out in NEN 4400, is managed and kept up to date. In this way, the organisations, which want to bind flex workers to themselves, can, on the basis of this register, choose an agency that is structurally responsible for the legal obligations. X-EQUO is continuously recorded in the register from 2009 onwards.

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