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It seems so simple: find a company that needs an employee and find a candidate. Arrange a conversation, place the candidate and send a hefty invoice. Then it often remains silent. Perhaps that method can be successful, but it is not the approach of X-EQUO. We make every effort to meet expectations, both for the candidate seeking an appropriate job, and for the organisation that wants to get acquainted with the suitable candidate. X-EQUO Werving & Selectie & Detachering is not the only provider in its market, but a unique one. Why? You will find out when we are working together.


X-EQUO has deliberately chosen not to separate the information for the candidate and the client. So you are informed exactly what we can expect from each other. In our opinion, clarity is an absolute prerequisite for success. We do not promise the moon. We’re going for the right match. For balance. Whether it is a balance between work and relaxation, balance between the client and the candidate or balance in our relationship. That is why we devote a lot of time to the introduction and the wishes and demands of our clients and candidates. That goes far beyond the ‘ hard ‘ requirements as training and experience. At least as important are motivation, character traits, culture and atmosphere. By doing so, we keep our customers happy. Whether it is for the candidate or the client. Then you know why we’re deeply probing questions.


The employees of X-EQUO are motivated, ambitious and passionate. They are committed to an optimal result. Involved, open, reliable, professional, knowledgeable, balanced and Service oriented with a capital S are criteria that fits well with us. The added value arises through knowledge, vision, a good analysis and the perfect match. By deploying good candidates, processes will be more efficient. To achieve all this, X-EQUO values great importance to both the advance and the trajectory. Before we offer a candidate or a job, we want to ensure that the right balance is achieved. That is our challenge.


Not for nothing, we choose a long-term relationship with our candidates and clients. They are our best advertising, because they can judge our quality the best. The growth of our organisation and the broad appreciation of our approach can be deduced that the service provided by X-EQUO is found to be attractive. We are very proud of this, but it’s no reason to sit back and wait until the phone starts ringing. On the contrary, it is a motivation to continue on the path that has been taken.


We solve a capacity problem, whether or not temporarily, by using a good candidate. At every level within different disciplines. Whether it’s about Secondment, Semi-permanent or Selection and Recruitment. X-EQUO specialises in financial-administrative and Credit Management staff. Candidates often have training at PD, PDL, MBA, MEAO, HEAO, SPD or university level. Through the X-EQUO approach and cooperation with our carefully selected Secondment and Recruitment & Selection agencies in a variety of fields, we are able to fill in your specific question. You will also benefit from the tariff agreements we have made. Because we know our candidates and clients so well, we are able to make the perfect match. Employees of X-EQUO stick one’s teeth into every assignment and won’t let go. In our opinion, there is no standard solution. Each client and candidate is unique. This ensures that we are alert and remain vigilant. We feel also partly responsible for the result. This creates high expectations.


You are looking for a balanced partner that you can enjoy. A partner that looks after the interests of both the candidate and the client with the same attention? We like to work on a long term relationship. That is only possible if we do good work.

Because of the importance of services you choose a partner because it clicks and if there is balance. Why does it click? Because there is trust between one another, meet appointments and both feel that it is well. A partner that will meet expectations.

That is what X-EQUO does. Every time.


  • Thorough inventory of the client and candidates.
  • Clear information transfer.
  • Personal and discreet.
  • Open and honest.
  • Service with capital S.
  • Fixed contact person.
  • Appointment is an appointment.
  • Making the perfect match.
  • Reachable from 08.00 to 20.00 hours and if desired on Saturdays.
  • Specialist in Financial Administrative and Credit Management area.
  • Clear pricing.
  • BeNeLux coverage.
  • Maximum 50 candidates and 15 assignments per specialist.
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