Whether it is a motivated and skilled employee, on a temporary, regular or project basis. Everything is possible and negotiable. An X-EQUO employee not only has a good education and experience, but is also motivated and finds it a challenge to work for several clients. Passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The familiarisation period is short and productivity is immediately high. In case of secondment, the client does not have to invest in Recruitment and Selection and the binding of staff. We will gladly do that for you. In addition, we supervise the X-EQUO employee intensively. Space for coaching and training is of paramount importance to us. After all, it is and remains our colleague. Whether it is support in a financial department (also for secretarial and office functions), full project management (including ICT) or management support for a shorter or a longer period of time: X-EQUO offers a balanced solution. And if it is not directly available we will look for it within our network. 


  • Fixed temporary capacity problems quickly and correctly.
  • Qualified candidates with a lot of knowledge and short familiarisation time.
  • Flexible secondment duration from 2 weeks onwards.
  • Competitive rates due to low overhead costs.
  • We always deliver within 48 hours.
  • Possible acquisition of the secondment agent by your organisation.
  • You can “reserve” candidates with us for a specific period of time, such as the financial year end closure.
  • Reduction of your debtor balance and interest costs (risk coverage).
  • Improving the liquidity position and supporting the preparation of financial statements.
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