Against Cancer


Mission: Against Cancer gives a smile to children who are engaged in their race against cancer.

Annually, Against Cancer organizes its mission to achieve a number of major events with “sick” families. For the whole family, because siblings, sisters and parents are all very badly affected by this profound illness. With These events they deliver an unforgettable day to the families. All misery can be forgotten for a day. The families do not have to tell each other what they are going through, because they understand it all and know exactly what it feels like.

Through the track day and family travel, Against Cancer has built up a strong bond with the “sick” families. They are honoured to invite the families and to get to know them better. Unfortunately, not everyone cures from cancer. From the foundation of Against Cancer in 2004, a number of children died. Children they have been allowed to know and who still admire them for their tremendous optimism and great zest for life. These children always give them a lot of strength to continue their mission. They continue to keep in touch with the families from which a child has fallen away. They also involve these families in the Against Cancer events. They continue to work in their race against cancer.

Look above for the various events for which money is collected and participate! For more information please visit their website. Want to help Against Cancer?

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