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X-EQUO as follower of the ABU CAO

As a secondment agency, X-EQUO follows the provisions of the ABU CAO, the general bond for temporary agency companies. This is the largest trade organisation for secondment and employment companies in the Netherlands. A ABU-follower complies with the quality requirements in the field of workplace safety, behavioural rules, working conditions and social security contributions.

This implies that X-EQUO, among others, applies the remuneration. The goal of the contributors reward is that the seconded receives the same salary and emoluments as the employee who carries out the same work and is employed by our client. The application of the providers’ remuneration shall take place on the basis of the information provided by the client and shall be determined by each new contract.

For the seconded, agreements are also made in the employment contract incorporated with, for example, the length of the trial period, the payment of the salary in case of sickness, the pension and the minimum notice period.

An additional advantage is that the seconded can be deployed to the client for a maximum of 5.5 years via X-EQUO. During the first 1.5 years, an unlimited number of agreements can be provided and in the 4 years thereafter a maximum of 6 agreements with a certain time character.

You can find all the ins and outs here .

StiPP Pension Fund

As an employer in the personnel sector, X-EQUO is obliged to participate in the pension fund StiPP .

This pension scheme provides for the construction of the pension for posted workers of 21 years and over. This distinction is made between a basic scheme after 26 weeks of work and a plus scheme that enters 78 weeks after indienstreding.

X-EQUO ensures that the seconded is notified and participates in the correct arrangement. There, the employee of X-EQUO has no recourse to and receives notice from the Pension fund Foundation for Personnel services.

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens

The Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens supervises if X-EQUO is in compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). This authority shall examine the use of personal data within companies and public bodies and, if necessary, impose penalties on infringements.

X-EQUO values a great deal of importance in using personal data both within and from its organization to be excellently protected and has therefore registered under AP notification number: m1386590.

Flemish Government Accreditation

Since X-EQUO also wants to serve its clients and candidates in Belgium, it has successfully passed a procedure so that she also has permission to make the right match there. X-EQUO is registered under number: VG 1848/B.

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