Organizations look critically at their costs. Risk management is an important part of business management. You want to work as much time as possible with your own business. And rightly so. In that case, it is wise to seriously consider the possibilities of payrolling. X-EQUO is also the specialist for payrolling. We will take over the (legal) employership of you. Your organisation’s working conditions are always used. You hand out the complete salary administration and the associated liabilities and financial risks. Recruiting candidates, selecting, training and guiding stays with you if you wish. Payrolling offers you more time to build your business and the opportunity to work with fewer people on your payroll. All activities, risks and duties associated with employership are now for X-EQUO. Payrolling is particularly interesting for organizations with varying hours or when the staff composition often changes. It saves you a mountain of red tape. You have a good understanding of your personnel costs and you won’t have to deal with unexpected setbacks. Your personnel costs are easy to manage and control. Are your expectations controlling wage costs and running less risk? Then X-EQUO payrolling is a good solution for you!


  • Your wishes are flexible fillable.
  • You will save enough time for your core business.
  • Employership at X-EQUO.
  • The working conditions of your organisation are respected.
  • Take administrative tasks out of your hands.
  • Good visibility on staff costs.
  • End the employment faster and with limited costs.
  • Assisting and restructuring in the event of staff fluctuations.
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