Semi permanent


Many clients consciously choose the X-EQUO semi permanent construction. This makes you very flexible in your possibilities. Whether it is to prolong the familiarisation period or when you want to employ someone. The big advantage is that you can judge the candidate even better and that the recruitment fee is discounted in the rate. If you provide us with a semi permanent assignment, our specialists will cling to your organisation. They are like no other able to select the right candidate for you. A Semi permanent employee, just like you, has the intention to get a permanent position. In good consultation we determine the period. Great advantage to you is that you do not have to spend time and energy in the Recruitment & Selection. Our experts have a wide range of candidates. The route is completely free of charge. The candidate stays at our payroll for a jointly established period and will then be able to work with your organization at no extra cost. With Semi permanent, you benefit from lower costs by combining costs of secondment and recruitment & selection. Is your expectation to offer a candidate, after a longer familiarisation period, a permanent position? We advise you the X-EQUO Semi permanent construction!


  • More grip on risk management and cost savings.
  • Better assessment of the candidate’s suitability by prolonged familiarisation period.
  • Pre-set period.
  • Recruitment fee discounted in the Semi permanent rate.
  • Employee is motivated to be on your payroll later on.
  • You don’t have to spend time and energy in the recruitment & selection.
  • Special selection and testing methodologies.
  • Wide range of multi linguals and intensive accompaniment.
  • Getting the financial administration in order.
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